Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The "Tornado Ride"

Wow, this week has felt like we have been on a "tornado ride". Saturday we had a tee-ball game and we left from there and went straight to Destin, Florida for a little R&R. But, with 2 small boys you don't get much of both "R's" at the same time. We had fun though, playing in the sand and swimming.

We built sand castles (didn't get any pictures because the Woodard Demolition Team (Carter and Braden)works a lot faster than the Woodard Construction Team (Daddy), and got to swim in the swimming pool (hope to get one of those one day). We also went to the Florida Gulfarium. The boys had a BLAST. They got to see dolphins and sea lions. They had a really good time. Carter asked about every question that he could think of, you know he is in school now and knows everything. And Braden would just scream " going to see dolphins!!!!!"

We also went to the "Track". It's a place with putt-putt, go-carts, and a little amusement park for the little ones. Carter really enjoys riding go-carts.
He'll try to race anything. We watch NASCAR races together. His favorite driver is Hevin Hargik (I think is how you spell what he says) but it really is Kevin Harvick. He drives the #29 Pennzoil Chevy. He has about 30 different race cars, and he will drive them around the living room floor for hours.

Braden got to ride several rides, flying airplane, carousel, teacups, and ferris wheel. But I think his favorite was the ferris wheel. He just grinned from ear to ear the whole time he was on that thing. I don't think that boy is scared of anything. He would probably have rode that thing over and over.

Then it was back to reality, we got home late Thursday night and back to the grind of "normal" life. There was 2 tee-ball games on Saturday where I made the biggest mistake a coach could make. Our team played a really good team for the first game and they played really hard but came up just a little short. We had never played a double header before and I knew there were a few kids who have a hard time playing 1 game let alone 2 back to back. So, being a genius (I thought) I told the kids that if they played hard and we won I would take them all to McDonald's and buy them an ice-cream cone. They were all excited and screaming "we are going to win". It wasn't 5 minutes later that the other team's coach came to me to forfeit. So I had to live up to my promise an buy the whole team an ice-cream cone. I think they got the better end of that deal. And add 1 more game on Monday night and I am exhausted from my time off. So finally the "tornado ride" is over (Thank GOD). Now I can just get back to my normal crazy life.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Welcome!!!! Meet the "WOODARD GANG"

Well, I guess for my first blog I should tell you about my "gang". Like I said in my "about me" I am a lucky Husband and a PROUD father of 2 boys. I work as a pharmacist in a independent store in Birmingham. My wife is a stay at home mom (keeping up with the 2/3 of the 3 amigos, I make up the other 1/3 is a full time job).
Carter is 5 and just finished up his first year of school. Not to brag too much but he is already reading books and writing a few things. He likes to play anything, especially if it is outside. He is on a tee-ball team, but not quite sure if he enjoys it as much as he told me and every body else he would. But he tries (sometimes).Oh, by the way I got suckered into coaching the said tee-ball team, and I am not sure I am enjoying it as much as the park board said I would. (just kidding) I really do enjoy it most of the time. I get the chance to interact with kids and impact their life. That is what God has called me to do (I'll touch on that later)
Braden is 2 years old and a carbon copy of his brother. Not neccesarily in appearance as much as in actions. Everything Carter does, says, or gets Braden thinks that he has to do, say, or get. Braden is very loving he is all the time saying, "I love you Daddy" just out of the blue. Oh and he also thinks that he is a "coo dude" (cool dude).

I wish that I had known about the "blogger page" when my kids were first born to give everyone a chance to watch them "grow". But know as they get older and into things I will get to share with you "all of the fun".